Investing Tips and Tactics

Investing can be complicated. There's terms like Equities, Mutual Fund, EBITDA, Puts, and Calls. The course covers the basics of creating generational wealth. You'll learn investing terminology, how to diversify your portfolio, the how and to's of stocks, investing strategies, how to read the markets, saving tips for proper long term growth. 

The main objective of this course is to provide students with a framework for making financial decisions related to investmentsregardless of whether you're just getting started on your journey of building wealth or a seasoned vet. 

This Course Includes

  • Lifetime access to content
  • Financial Spreadsheet eBook
  • Links to receive free stocks
  • How to read the markets
  • Tips for building a strong emergency and savings account

Hi, I'm Hansome Kelly

From 2018-2020 alone, I've become a full-time FX Trader, traveled to 9 countries, 3 continents, helped more than 60 people increase their credit score, helped 11 people quit their job due to their trading results, and I've coached more than 200 individuals on how to become profitable FX traders.

I've started my trading journey in 2015. At first, I didn't know what I was doing. I was losing more money than I was making, trading based on my emotions, listening to others, being greedy, not really having a proper plan, you name it and I've done it.

Fast forward, I'm now a full-time Trader and the main ingredient which helped this become a reality was the right mentorship to aid me in simplifying how I see the charts as well as staying consistent with my trading plan.

To continue passing the torch, my goal is to help you become a full-time trader or to create a second source of income by trading the financial markets.

Investing Tips and Tactics

Available 11/9/20

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