Hi, I'm Hansome Kelly

I had $19 in my bank account, couldn't pay my bills on time and told myself enough was enough

Throughout my journey, I've spent thousands on courses, read countless books, networked my way into the right rooms, took advice from my 7 and 8 figure mentors, and utilized the info.

From 2018-2019 alone, I've become a full-time FX Trader, traveled to 9 countries, 3 continents, helped more than 60 people increase their credit score, helped 11 people quit their job due to their trading results, and I've coached more than 200 individuals on how to become profitable FX traders.

My goal is to shift the culture and bridge the gap of financial ignorance and financial literacy.

These courses are committed to one primary outcome: to set you up for financial freedom and the good news is, it can be achieved by anyone.

I HIGHLY Recommend

Christopher D.

I was referred to Hansome by my financial advisor almost a year and a half ago. After speaking to him and learning about his course I signed up a couple of days later. The course itself is very detailed and structured, and the step-by-step process he lays out for his student makes it very easy learn the ins and out of the Forex Market and how to be profitable. The many examples and quizzes make sure to enforce repetition and skill building. He’s also very available for questions and the many webinars he gives his students make him accessible to shorten the learning curve. When I finally hit my 1k trading day he was probably more excited for me than I was. Now that we’ve known each other for so long he’s become more of a mentor and someone I look up to than just my teacher. He’s very knowledgeable in other things that go along with trading, like business building, credit repair and just knowing how the economy works and being able to articulate his thoughts in a way that someone less knowledgeable can understand and learn from. This course and his help have been an invaluable addition to my life and I truly appreciate him for it.

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